Friday, August 22, 2008

scarf it down

Ah scarves, the accessory that can instantly give you that oh-so-desired boho-chic look that stars like Nicole Richie, Rachel Bilson, and Sienna Miller sport so well. Scarves are now being worn all year round, people just can't seem to put them away, even for summer. Whether scarves in the summer makes sense or not, they can certainly spice up your outfit and are a great closet staple. Not to mention they keep your neck warm when it's cold...but that's just a bonus, right? With Fall just around the corner, here's a few of my favorites, from pricey to affordable:

Above, from left to right: Paul Bianco, $172, A Peace Treaty, $110, Organic Giraffe, $82.

Above, from left to right: DKNY Infinity scarf, $75, Anthropologie, $38, Urban Outfitters (UK), 18 Pounds, or approx. $33.

Above, from left to right: Urban Outfitters, $28, Urban Outfitters, $20, Forever 21, $9.80


Winter said...

Love the organic one!

rachelekehler said...

I LOVE scarves. Its funny though. I probably own about 20 of them but only wear about 3!! My favorites are from urban outfitters!