Thursday, October 30, 2008

losing light

Joseph got home yesterday, and I'm already making him take pictures of me. He informed me that at this time (when we were taking pictures) next week, it will be dark already. Sad thought. So we took advantage of the gorgeous day and the waning light, and took "goodbye baseball" pictures. Well not really. But now that I see all the pictures I think it looks like we were aiming for something like that.

My hair looks quite red in these pictures. It's not. It's also in this weird flipping out stage. ugh. At least it's growing.

Dress and boots-thrifted, Fur jacket, Platania (I don't know, it was a gift so I'm just reading what the label said), bracelets-H&M.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Today is a good day. Joseph gets home tomorrow, and I am shopping today. Then I'm going to make apple pie with my farmers market apples. It's quite nippy outside today, but I didn't think a sweater or jacket looked good with this outfit, so for vanity's sake I braved the cold in this big man shirt.

hat-Urban Outfitters, sunglasses-Anthropologie, men's shirt-thrifted, leggings-Target, boots-Target.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

michelle williams

Michelle Williams is, without a doubt, adorable. I partially attribute this to her new-ish pixie haircut. As a movie star and a mother, she has a style that is effortless and casually simple, with a splash of bohemian flair. Here's a cool fall-looking outfit she wore in New York recently, out and about with her daughter Matilda.

The look for more:

Above, from left: Chloe, $275, Free People, $128, Paul & Joe Sister for Urban Outfitters, $98.

From left: Falke, $65, Steven by Steve Madden, $129.95.

And the look for less:

Above, from left: Free People, $24, Forever 21, $32.80, Urban Outfitters, $58.

From left: Anthropologie, $12.50, Charlotte Russe, $18.99

I know, the vests are a little unlike her actual vest. I searched and searched for that vest or something remotely similar to it and this is the best I could find. I actually find that intriguing. If a vest like that is so rare, I think I want it. That 'snowflake' style is probably going to be hot in a couple months...but even if not, I want to go look for one like that at my local thrift store. Right on, Michelle.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


The November 2008 issue of Glamour had a photoshoot that stopped me in my tracks. Well, I guess I was sitting down, but if I had been walking and reading, I definitely would have stopped walking. The shoot had a rock/biker vibe to it, which I didn't think was particularly my style, but I think that may change. Check it out: (click on a picture to see it larger)

I especially lovvvve the dress shown above. It's D&G, and over $4,000. Oh well. I'll just stare at it. I love those Ray-bans too.

Photographs by Rennio Maifredi

fall and booties

Today is a gorgeous gorgeous fall day. I'm sitting by the window drinking coffee and listening to classical music. I'm on my second oversized mug of coffee. It's extra good today...or maybe my addiction is worse than I thought.

Yesterday I had a lovely fall afternoon with my husband....the weather was perrrrfect. We ate and shopped and walked and drank coffee. And I was wearing my new shoes, so that made things even better. Ah yes, these are my new loves. I was like a kid on christmas morning when they arrived. Some would say I was too excited...and they're probably right. Anyway, here they are, from none other than Anthropologie.

vest-Forever 21, button down shirt-H&M, shorts-Richard Chai for Target, booties-Anthropologie, sunglasses-Forever 21, tights-I can't remember.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


So. I'm just going to come right out with it. I'm a thrift store fiend. They would hate me on "What not to Wear." But I take comfort in the fact that thrift stores are not my main source of clothing. I just go there to find unique additions to my wardrobe every once in awhile...there's nothing wrong with that, right? I recently went to California to see my sisters, and while there I made my sister take me to every resale/thrift/goodwill shop she knew of. Here are my proudest accomplishments:

Probably my favorite find is this lovely 50's dress. It's got great detailing. It needs to be slightly taken in, which explains why my arm is behind me in all the shots cause I was trying to hold the fabric back.

Also got some great grandma shoes:

My ankle looks really strange in that picture on the right. I really don't have cankles.