Sunday, October 19, 2008

fall and booties

Today is a gorgeous gorgeous fall day. I'm sitting by the window drinking coffee and listening to classical music. I'm on my second oversized mug of coffee. It's extra good today...or maybe my addiction is worse than I thought.

Yesterday I had a lovely fall afternoon with my husband....the weather was perrrrfect. We ate and shopped and walked and drank coffee. And I was wearing my new shoes, so that made things even better. Ah yes, these are my new loves. I was like a kid on christmas morning when they arrived. Some would say I was too excited...and they're probably right. Anyway, here they are, from none other than Anthropologie.

vest-Forever 21, button down shirt-H&M, shorts-Richard Chai for Target, booties-Anthropologie, sunglasses-Forever 21, tights-I can't remember.


Abby said...

I'm loving all your posts. I'm learning a lot about style. Plus, you write very cleverly. I especially like all the fun thrift store stuff that you put up there.

RichardChai said...



detour2mode said...

this outfit is just great!