Wednesday, July 15, 2009

picnic it

Photos: Alex Ramon

Eating outside is the best.
I'm planning menus.

One includes the as-seen-in-movies all-American fare like:
Fried Chicken
Iced Tea
Chocolate Cake

And another is more French-inspired (of course) and would be something like:
Fresh Berries

I still have to work out the details.
Can't wait though.

Here is a post I saw today that I think is just brilliant and perfect and it makes me incredibly happy.
I hope you like it too.


Gabby said...

I'm loving those photos! It's a bit Alice in Wonderland, right?

And I think I'd go for the French menu - wine and cheese are my faves.

And you have a new follower :)

Camera Girl said...

This is lovely xo

DaisyChain said...

What about the great British picnic menu?
soggy sandwiches, sausage rolls, quiche and some kind of fruit cake ;)

liana said...

oh this is terribly cool!
wow, with the red hat!
i think this has inspired me to have a picnic!

The Socialite said...

Love, love, love this pictures! My type of picnic. ;)

Abby said...

love the link to the wine country wedding. It was gorgeous. made me want to get married again in a vineyard/winery. I was like, "hey that looks like the wine country near me", and then I saw the caption that said it was paso robles!!!!! what! what! hehe.

Cherie Cherie said...

i lovee itttt
it's really alice in wonderland,

Keith said...

Great photos. I'd go for a French menu.

Style Porn said...

Ugh, I'm so hungry, and reading you little menus just made the top ramen I'm about to eat that much less satisfying. Thanks a lot ;)

Yuka said...

the wine and cheese sounds soooo goooood right now! ahh :)

6roove said...

very nice picnic session!
i like it :)

brooke said...

LOVE the french picnic list... did you know they spell picnic "pique-nique"?

how cute is that? one of my favourite moments of french from years 7 - 12... haha.


Natasha said...

Those photos are so cooool!