Friday, February 5, 2010

Lately I've been loving:
'Words with Friends' on my iPhone, watching really old (hilarious) movies, eating Quakers Instant oatmeal (Maple and brown sugar of course) with fresh blueberries, and playing Dominion with my hub (cause we're geeks like that).
Oh and I fiiiinally got my haircut today after like 9 months and I'm loving that too. Don't know why I put it off so long. It feels delightful.
What's on your 'love' list right now?

photos from here.

Weekend y'aaaall.

And big thanks to MissT for including me as one of her favorite bloggers. You're a sweetheart!


A. said...

Those dresses are to die for... I want to live in little white frothy numbers. And I'm right there with you on the watching old movies kick-- my Blockbuster queue is populated with such amazingness.

:) happy weekend!


Lainey said...

ooh, I'd love to see a haircut picture! That last dress is pretty amazing as well.

brooke said...

mmm blueberries. and congrats on the haircut! my love at the moment, browsing online for my winter wardrobe - so damn excited!



love your blog, this post is great !
i am your newest follower, please feel free to follow my blog back :)

Adela said...

i love this shoot! so romantic and pretty! =)

andwhatelseisthere said...

The dresses are very pretty.
Look lovely ;)

kpeach said...

gorgeous images xo