Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a peek inside

Just decided to pick out some of my favorites from the latest Elle magazine and share them (and my little overly-excited thoughts about them) with youuuu!

They totally remind me of those awesome Marc by Marc Jacobs boots.

(Nine West)

But it could never be as good as the original:


Melissa said...

I love you notes.

The blue socks and the boots that went with them were perfect. I need sock like that.

Melissa said...

*your* notes.

My brain is gone at the moment.

Indiana Jones said...

the original sparkly shirt cant be beat, really. it's glorious.
i LOVE those pictures, though. Are they from the April issue? i didn't think it was out yet.

Indiana Jones said...

also i just got your comment haha
Those two books will be perfect for that. I've never been to Asia (or out of the country, for that matter.) but it sounds amazing. Especially Thailand!
Have fun!

brooke said...

um, SUCH a good idea for a post! this is amazing! I'll definitely be trying this soon. Love your commentary :)


girl by the whirlpool said...

I love what they showed of Jason Wu's in Elle. That magazine is great, thanks for sharing!

Jenn said...

im lovin the blue trouser socks with the boots!

the socks and heels actually remind me of when i was younger. we used to always wear socks and dress shoes! :)

whew! i think im gettin' old! :)