Friday, June 18, 2010

cloud nine

I ordered these. They came today.
Two words: appropriately named.

Cloud nine caramels by Have it Sweet

These along with my other order (the bourbon pecan one) from the shop resulted in me resolving to be a repeat customer. They even gave me a free sample of the Fleur de Sel caramel, and wow, and yes, and it is amazing.

You know what else makes me happy besides packages of delectable goodies arriving for me in the mail? This picture.

Let me count the ways:
-Piles of rings upon piles of bracelets
-Rad ankle boots x 2
-Kate hudson
-Everyone is staring
-Um, Coachella
-Rad sunglasses x 2
-Flowing locks


Indiana Jones said...

that sweet shop now has a new customer.
What are in the Fleur de Sels? it sounds like flower of salt? i feel like i must be understanding that wrong.

Lainey said...

That picture makes me so happy too! I mean, how cool can they look?! I want her ankle boots.

Enchanted Gardens said...

She is lovely, isn't she? Amazing how this photo inspires me everytime I see it.
I wouldn't mind having your package directed to my address, either. Looks heavenly :D

preparationmeetingopportunity said...

Very Esthery pic! Is there any nutritional info in the sweets? Let me know the next time you are ordering and we could order together/save on shipping. =) Love you!

Style Porn said...

I think those ankle boots she's wearing are the Chloes, but I found a really similar pair (in canvas) on the Urban Outfitters website and I've been wearing them nonstop. I'm obsessed.

xoxo Elizabeth Gomez said...

OMG!!!!!!!! I was planning on doing a post about this outfit!! Ok, your my official BFF now. What are the odds. I posted about earlier this week about wanted to re-do this look. I have these boots and this skirt and I just loved how she looked so this was going to be my day look for Friday!!!

Great minds think alike:)