Saturday, August 21, 2010

oh hey!

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

A few random things I've been up to:
-living in hippie headbands (Figure 1 and 4)
-listening to The Xx radio constantly because it's always that good
-laying in the grass
-drinking iced cinnamon dolce lattes on repeat (abusing treat receipts)
-daydreaming about portland (Figure 3)
-painting my nails all different colors cause i can't decide on one (Figure 1)
-not capitalizing my letters in these bullet points
-doing art projects (Figure 2)
-being in the sun AMAP (as much as possible)

Can't soak up summer fast enough. It's already the end of August! (concerned face)

Life goes by so fast. I think we're meant to appreciate each moment.


Indiana Jones said...

It's the same address as the last one! I mailed one back to you about a week ago. = ]

Style Porn said...

Sounds like heaven. All we really need out of life is a few good summers, a few simple indulgences and the eye to appreciate it all.

Enchanted Gardens said...

We certynly must appreciate and live in each moment. Love what you've been up to and loooove your headbands! :) I'm now so sad that they don't look good on me.

Much love flower!

K said...

Love these photos, and especially love your headbands! :) They really suit you! xxx