Friday, December 10, 2010

life as iPhone it

Some of the best moments in life are documented by our cell phones. Makes sense, because we always have them with us and they're easy to whip out at a moment's notice.

As I was flipping through some old photos on my phone in search of a fave, I realized that there are a lot of great memories captured there, and though they're often in a low quality and sometimes blurry manner, they should be remembered and maybe even shared.

So I've decided to instate a new blog feature. (we shall see how long this one lasts) 

It's called "Life as iPhone it."

Admittedly this may be a self-indulgent feature, because only I carry the memories and emotions behind each photo, but I am going to try to pick pictures that may just may be interesting to other people. 

I hope you find this at least a little fun. 

I will start with the photo that triggered this idea, the one that I was looking for originally.

A lunch break spent reading in the park was one of my favorite things this past summer.

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