Sunday, January 30, 2011

january jones is boss


fresh fresh fresh.


Style Porn said...

Agreed. I like it so much better than that fring-ey red Versace number she wore to the Emmys.

Indiana Jones said...

That dress, ohmygod.

And hi! I just now read your comment. I'm hardly ever on anymore (either reading, at work, or doing research for the new movie! [will tell you about it in next letter])

Starbucks is awesome! Today was insanely busy, though, and I still have to study my French, find a way to get tax forms because neither of the two printers inthe house work, and put studs on my purple sundress (pictures will come, i promise).
I may even squeeze in a nap if i'm lucky!
Excited for your next letter = ]

Today: blueberry cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

Lainey said...

She never disappoints me. I mean how can someone look that gorgeous, and take so many risks-and pull it off amazingly?