Sunday, April 3, 2011

four things

1. I'm completely convinced after seeing this picture that I need a pair of flag shorts. Anyone know where to find?

2. I have the itch. The hair itch. And before you think about that too much and start saying 'that's disgusting Esther, why would you share that', let me just clarify that the itch I'm referring to is the one where you desperately want to change your hairstyle. I really need a fresh look, I start to get antsy if my hair stays the same for too long. I'll take suggestions. I love these looks, for example:

3. I made this bracelet from this DIY and am so in love with it that you can bet I'll be making more, probably in different variations.

4. Cupcake.
(More on that here)


abigail95 said...

Four things.

1. Don't buy flag shorts. So 80's.
2. I'm dying to change my hair too. If you give me some ideas for my hair, I will give you some ideas for yours.
3. Could you make me one of those bracelets please.
4. Didya make that chocolate cupcake?

Style Porn said...

Agreed with abigail--American flag clothing is a slippery slope. I'm not sure what wearing it would lead to, but I'm guessing nothing good.

And now I see why you commented on my hair in the last post, you have the itch for a change! I've been thinking of going shorter...or maybe coloring? I dunno, I'm bored too.

I want that cupcake in my face rightnow.

Haley said...

super cute blog- keep it up!

xo Haley @

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