Tuesday, December 2, 2008

first snow

Yesterday it snowed all day long, but not so much that big fluffy snow, just the wet messy stuff that didn't really accumulate much. Still, it's snow, and you can't beat that little-kid feeling inside when you wake up and look out the window and the world is white. AND, we just put up our christmas tree and i am stupid happy about it. What is it about a pretty tree with lights and stuff on it that makes your home just 10 times more cozy? I wanted to take a picture and post it (because I'm a dork), but the photo can't really capture it, so you'll just have to believe me that it's good. I'm pretty excited about christmas. Obviously.

Wearing an Urban Outfitters vest and earrings, American Eagle shirt, Target Leggings, and secondhand boots.

Also, I got this candle I'm crazy about, and it could quite possibly make your holidays better if you buy it. It's from Target and the scent is called Balsam Cedarwood, and the brand is Snowfall Splendor. It's what winter should smell like.


♥ fashion chalet said...


I'm so jealous.

Very chic look on you, too.

Thanks for your comment. :)



Abby said...

You must've taken these pictures early, cause I picked you up at 11:30 AM. Amazing!