Sunday, November 30, 2008

hot list: symbols

Each era has it's symbols. Like poodles in the '50's or butterflies in the Mariah Carey era, we've got certain images that seem to be showing up everywhere these days. I've selected a few:

1. Bows.
Not just real ribbon ones, but bows that are actually printed on your shirt. No tying necessary.

2. Anchors.

3. Geometric snowflake prints.
Just don't get too Eddie Bauer with it.

4. Westies.
Radley uses these cute little pups on everything. It is their logo, after all.


Song of Style said...

are anchors still in?

Cindiddy said...

hey girlie! thanks for coming by n commenting! i dont think ive added you to my blog yet... wanna trade links? => => =>