Sunday, November 23, 2008

purple pop

Still trying to decide if I should remove those silly beads from my shoes. I got them for like 4 bucks at Old navy so I didn't really care if there were beads or not, cause when some shoes are 4 dollars, you buy them. Well I do. And surprise surprise, they're extremely comfortable!

Secondhand blazer, Old Navy Dress, Express scarf, Old Navy shoes, Urban Outfitters tights.


Ashleigh said...

those are pretty awesome tights ;)...I say keep the beads..kinda cute

Martine said...

cute blog ^^ keep the outfit pictures coming!

Cindiddy said...

heyyy thanks for coming by ...thats a very pretty blue!!!
cute stuff =>

Song of Style said...

I love what ure wearing.
It's so girly and appropriate for the weather!

Annabella said...

You are looking awesome..! I absolutely love your outfit.

Hippy Chic said...

Just discovered your lovely blog and I completely adore your style!! Hope you having a delightful holiday!!!

Those tights rule!