Tuesday, November 18, 2008

currently craving

1. Wellies.
And not the cheap looking cutesie pattern kind. I want the real thing, like these Hunter ones.

2. Glasses sort of like these ones by American Apparel. Nerd-inspired and so cool.

3. Lots of different kinds of tights.

4. That perfect shade of purple nailpolish. Still looking. Any suggestions? I want a rich and vibrant deep purple, but something that doesn't look practically black when it dries. And preferably not anything that is sparkly or shimmery. See I think I may be too picky about this.

5. Bangs. Soon.

6. Strangely, leather. Haven't bought anything leather yet, but there is something about it that has peaked my interest. Never been much for it in the past but I may be warming up to the idea. But not all leather. It has to be done just right. Doesn't this dress by Angelokatsapis look delicious to wear?

Also have been trying to hold out for this leather couch. I'm desperate for it to go on sale. Like on massive clearance.

7. Jewel tones. Vibrant blues, deep purples...there's even some hot pink that's looking good. For example:

Stole that picture off of the always cool Sex and Coffee..


HEK said...

Hi girl:) So cool to see your blog! I like those Hunters I have them in black, they are so comfy. I know what you mean about that nailpolish, so hard to find a good purple..

WendyB said...

LOVE the pink outfit on Leigh Lezark.

lisa said...

I so need the "hunter" boots...my little boy would be so excited since his name is Hunter :)
xoxo from las vegas