Saturday, September 25, 2010

hello sweet thing

Guys I made cookies.
But this isn't really news. I make cookies at least bi-weekly. And I usually bake something about once a week. (Lately it's been more like 2-3 times a week. Out of control.) It's one of my favorite things to do. The news is that I actually documented them this time, something I'm going to try to start doing regularly so that when I tell people, "hey I bake stuff, and I can bake something for you too", I can have something to show for myself.

These cookies are insane. They are gargantuan. They are rich. I can barely muscle through one of them. That's why the recipe only makes 12 cookies, yep, you read that right, 12 cookies. You don't need more than that. They're delicious and extremely filling. Soft, chewy, dense, and even better the second day as stated in the recipe.

(I used this lovely recipe)

Note: I know my food photography skills are less than stellar. Also my camera is less than stellar, which could be part of the reason. Someday maybe I will have a nice camera and nice food-documenting skills. For now, please enjoy these moderate quality pictures as best you can.


Valerie said...

No matter the camera, a cookie is always a thing of beauty. Well done! :D

Abby said...

I have three words for you: Nom, nomm, nommmmm....

K said...

they look so tastey :D

Indiana Jones said...

Oh my god.
There goes my healthy eating for this week.
Baking them after work! (ps, i got a job!)
Hope you got my new address?

Indiana Jones said...

hahaha Im also running on about 3 hours of sleep and a mochalight frappuccino (still no internet in my house, therefore, starbucks) and worked for about 6-8 hours.
I would LOVE the recipe for those cookies. The chocolate chip ones look like the ones we make at my work (Souplantation/ Sweet Tomatoes).
I don't know why I haven't thought to do this before, but I'm adding you on facebook, I'm guessing you have one?

Indiana Jones said...

PS, just friend requested.

หåи∂ said...

looks tasty