Saturday, October 2, 2010

saturday morning cartoons

It's that time, kids! Grab your bowl of lucky charms and cozy up on the couch for some good light-hearted fun on a beautiful Saturday morning.* I have five 'toons for you today:

This one is coming to you from The Sharing Machine. If you like it, it comes on a t-shirt. They have other awesome t-shirts too. (No, they did not pay me to advertise. I just like their work a lot)

And I thought I was the only one.

I actually heard a rumor that Subway has indeed started tessellating their cheese slices for maximum coverage. Is this true? I don't want to just believe anything I hear.

This is by Marc Johns. His stuff is really awesome and I would highly recommend a little visit to his website to make your day just a bit better.

Love this student.
And then the response....

Love this teacher.

*I know it's not technically Saturday morning. I missed out on the morning part but I had the idea for this last night when I was going to bed at 3am (which is why I didn't make it out of bed before noon) and I really wanted to do it anyway.
Happy Saturday!


Abby said...

OMG! I love the Subway one! That should come on a t-shirt too. They really need to put more cheese on their sandwiches. And the elephant one never gets old. Soo cute!

Indiana Jones said...

I agree whole-heartedly on the Subway cheese conundrum. And yes, they're supposed to start tesselating the cheese any day now, but I've seen no proof of it! (And to be honest, I get it to go and once I'm home I arrange my sandwich more efficiently. Along with adding stuff)

I miss saturday morning cartoons.

Anonymous said...

I'll share a bowl of lucky charms with you anytime...

hiven said...


Anonymous said...

loving this inspiration
MAD perfection, so great
thanks for your comments on my blog, they mean the world!


Priscilla said...

i love everything about this post!
i just love that type of humor ;)

btw - did you see that whole post of "funniest test answers" - i think it was on stumbleupon.... if not, i'll have to send you a link to it. so funny!

i miss you :(