Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I have a giant, giant girl crush on Carey Mulligan, of which I was reminded today at Borders when I saw her on the cover of Vogue October.

Isn't she fabulous?

I have been looking for the perfect TMNT t-shirt for the longest.
It only makes sense that she would have one.


Indiana Jones said...

I ADORE Carey Mulligan. I need to make friends in SD who are girls so I can go see "Never Let Me Go" (because I also have a huge girl-crush on kira knightly). She's wonderful.

And thank you for the birthday wishes again = ] Don't worry, you're a great penpal haha

xoxo Elizabeth Gomez said...

I love this girl. Her look is so natural yet mysterious. And she is a great actress. I know why this doll is in Hollywood.

Style Porn said...

I think the take-home message from looking at all these pictures is that she is seriously capable of pulling off any hairstyle known to man. I'm jealous.