Wednesday, September 3, 2008


When I mentioned to my mom that Anthropologie was my favorite store, I got a funny look from her. "Anthropology? Isn't that the study of humans?" Needless to say, she thought it was an odd choice of name for a store. But once I took her there, I don't think she cared any more. You see, Anthropologie holds a certain charm, an inexplicable calming quality that makes you lose track of time once you step foot in the door. Maybe that's why it's named after the study human behaviors...because it puts you in a mood, changes your attitude. AnthropologY is the study of the nature and essence of humankind, and AnthropologIE does a good job of finding that natural element.

The store always smells amazing, they always have various candles lit, and it's hard to beat their candles. They always have fantastic scents that burn well (meaning they make your house smell great, while some candles aren't strong enough to do so) and last for a long time. Here's three of my current favorites:

Above, from left; Capri blue diamond votive in Volcano scent, $12. Illume spring floral candle in Wild Indigo scent, $16. Skeem bird jar candle in Sweet Pea and Vanilla scent, $36.

The store carries items for the home as well as for the body. All their products are so eclectic, and there's something for everyone there. It's a great place for gifts. Go there. Or at least see the website. There's too much fabulous stuff for me to start listing stuff on here. Like a gorgeous comfy leather couch, a romantic vintage lace dress, and some rockin' fall boots. Okay, I'll put that stuff on here. But the rest is for you to discover.

Cotswold sofa, $3,300, Antiquarian dress, $248, Turnlock knee boots, $468.

If you're gaping at the prices, don't worry, they always have a nice sale section, which is probably where you'll find me.


kikiluv said...

Fun site! I love A'pology too but...shhh: the store here in my town could use better help. The sales people are not very friendly. I've walked around with armfuls of clothes for half an hour before someone made the offer to start me a dressing room. Minor pet peeve after working in retail myself.


Joanna said...

I would definitely say the school is cool and puts you in a good mood, but my mood seems to change once I see the price tags!! I like the clothes and accessories you've put together.

Joanna said...

or Should i Say STORE.

Anonymous said...

I really want the boots featured in the top picture but I can't find them on the site anymore! Do you know what they're called? If I can't find them, does that mean they're gone? please help!