Sunday, September 21, 2008

fringe benefits

How do you define boho style? Sienna Miller? Rachel Bilson? Kate Hudson? And of course we can’t forget the Olsen twins, two of the original Bohemian princesses. But what exactly is it, and how can you dress that way?

Bohemian style can be characterized by flowing or loose fitting clothing, layers, scarves, boots, maxi dresses, India inspired prints, a gyspy vibe, fringe, or an assortment of eclectic looking jewelry, just to name a few. The beauty of it is that you can’t really put your finger on what it is that specifically defines boho, so anybody can put their own personal style to it and still look the part. I would say the easiest way to "bohemify" your look is to add a scarf to your outfit.

Since I'm a freak for slouchy things, I just love the trend.

Above, from left: Linda Farrow, $525, Ghibli, $336, Alexander Wang, $285.

Above, from left: Antik Batik, $241.80, Elizabeth and James, $185, Steve Madden, $179.95.

Above, from left: Free People, $148, Katie Costello, $81, Victoria's Secret, $79.

Above, from left: Steve Madden, $69.95, Urban Outfitters, $28, Oasis, 16 Pounds.

From left: Free People, $24, Urban Outfitters, $12.99, Forever 21, $6.80.


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