Sunday, September 14, 2008

menswear inspired

You've all seen her.
She walks swiftly by you, one hand with a cell phone to her ear, her other perfectly manicured hand holding a coffee, her coiffed hair clinging on for dear life, with a potent trail of perfume hurrying faithfully behind.
She's fascinating. You wonder what exactly it is that she does, how much money she really makes, and if she always looks that perfect.

This stereotype has inspired many a fashion collection. And why shouldn't it? This woman is sexy and confident, and gets what she wants. Modern fashion proves that the business professional look doesn't have to be boring. And one spin on that trend is menswear inspired, which I personally love. It's like you had to wear your boyfriend's clothes, but you sure know how to work it. And you've got everyone's attention.

Above, from left: Victor Osborne, $265, Rag and Bone, $230, Heimstone, $217.

Above, from left: Urban Outfitters, $88, Linea Paolo, $69.90, Kensie, $68.

From left: Forzieri, $56, Forever 21, $17.80, Forever 21, $14.80

Top Photo: Kate Hudson, as seen in January 2008 Vogue magazine.


rachelekehler said...

I love menswear...especially mens shoes and hats!

k. said...

I love the F21 vest. Love it.