Sunday, March 15, 2009

skirt the issue

I'm not sure why I feel like I need to have some sort of clever pun for my titles, but I've noticed that I do it almost without fail. Cheesy, but I'll probably continue to do it anyway.

This whirlwind that is life has been nonstop for me lately. I know that sounds very cliché of me to say, but I'm not lying. One day soon I will post more regularly, catch up on visiting lovely blogs, and who knows, maybe an outfit post? Crazier things have happened.

So, if you haven't guessed it by now from my punny title, here's some skirts I've been ogling:

Jessica stam in May 2008 Vogue UK

Mainly I just like the shoes in this picture. The skirt is nice too, but oh those shoes.

All three of the above are from Anthropologie.

Okay well this is technically a dress but she wears it kind of like a skirt so I'm counting it. I love it. It's by Diane Von Furstenberg.
from March 2009 Elle

I have no idea where this picture came from, but it's so great. I wish I could give credit where credit is due.

Oh and I've received this award from Vanessa's Runway:

Thank you darling! I think you're pretty fantabulous yourself!


Elizabeth said...

wow all of those are so wonderful! i love the 1st one. :-)

brooke said...

wow, the grey anthropologie one is amazing! I really like it :) haha and i love your puns... im not clever enough :P

Brooke xx

Keith said...

Wow! Those all look great. I love them all. Hope you're doing well. Take care. Have a wonderful week. Cheers!

The Socialite said...

ooh great picks! And I'm diggin the titles, so please don't change em! ;)

Jojo said...

Ahh I agree with you. I want a skirt for the summer that I can swirl around in movie stylee and take pretty pics of...

Trisch said...

great picks! I love your titles.

Trisch xo

drollgirl said...

i must have 60 skirts in the closet, and this makes me want MORE.

Mo said...

funny enough, i've kind of lost my love for skirts, but you've revived it. They are gorgeous!

Anna Kim said...

i love jessica stam. she is so beautiful.

Hippie Frou Frou said...

that last outfit is great!!! I bought a similar skirt at UO last year and would love to recreate this look.

Have a pleasant day :))

Jess s.

Tiffany said...

love your picks! all so fun. I spotted that pic of Olivia Palermo in Elle, love how the outfit was styled.