Monday, March 2, 2009

julia stegner

Girl-crushin' a little bit.

I don't have much to say tonight, so I leave you with this question I saw on Leno the other night:
"If you had to travel cross country on a Greyhound bus, and you could choose one celebrity (currently living) to sit next to, who would you choose?

Apparently Drew Barrymore is #1 and Jay said he was #2.

I think I would choose Conan. A hilarious bus ride that would be.

What about you?


Belle said...


Hmmm, I would pick Will Ferrell just looking at him makes me laugh.

Gorgeous blog xx

Keith said...

These are very beautiful. I love these pictures.

Elizabeth said...

hrm i would be torn between kellie pickler (she seems funny), ellen, or Taylor Swift.
thats difficult.

The Socialite said...

Those are wonderful! :)

Trisch said...

God I love her hair! on the busride I think I'd want to sit with Blake Lively or Alizee.

brooke said...

haha out of those two, conan. Yeah I would probably choose a comedian, but then I'd feel sorry for them having to 'work' whilst on a bus across the country. maybe obama, haha.

these pictures are all awesome! especially the first one, I love the lace.

a very justifiable girl crush indeed!

thanks for all your sweet comments :)

Brooke xx

Cherie Cherie said...

i love the last three photoss !!
she's hot:D


Inside Mode said...

Julia Stegner is just plain stunning! There's no other way to put it. I seriously love her look. I just wish she would do more runway, I really miss her. Love this post!