Thursday, February 26, 2009

in mah knickers

julia stegner

lily donaldson

megan mcnierney

image source: i love fake

I believe that one of the easiest ways to boost your confidence is by wearing sexy underthings. It doesn't matter if anyone is going to see it or not...just knowing it is there will put that extra spring in your step. It's your little secret.

Here's some goodies from figleaves:

french knicker, demi cup bra, and garter belt .


Anonymous said...

when I go to job interviews or big exams or meetings, I always pay attention to my underwear and when I feel sexy and no one else can see, I definitely get that extra boost of confidence that makes me kick ass.

Keith said...

I've talked to female friends of mine and girlfriends of mine who have said the same thing.

I really liked these pictures. Very sexy. The first one was my favorite.

Have a great weekend. Cheers!

M said...

that is soo true about wearing sexy undies even if no one sees it.

btw, i wear my richard chai target cardigan all the time too! the bummer is that both buttons on the shouder had come off and the straps are held with safty pins

Dooder City said...

I love sexy underwear. I think it's important to pay attention to the underwear you are wearing for important just makes you feel more confident.

Jordan said...

super sexy!
i love the athletic socks with the heels in the first pic...i don't know why, but i do!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you, doll. Yep, she's a Boston Terrier. I like to call her Boston Bull! :]


Andy Warhol said...


Stacy said...

great photos!

Luna Supernova said...

i LOVE lily... and garter belts.

thanks for the comment on the jeans :)

Eeli said...

This is so absolutely true. I've heard the same thoughts echoed by my girlfriends a number of times.

Like our own personal secret ;)

Hope your weekends been going great doll


Mo said...

The second is my fave. i've been planing an outfit with short-shorts, looking for perfect shoes (maybe converse for some hopster-flair, lol)
but i love those pictures, they're so raw, yet soft. Very kick-ass :)

Merily said...

I love those shots!

Connie Hsiu said...

oh i love this post! these ladies are so stunning!