Sunday, February 15, 2009

iron and wine

Hats are my secret (not-so-secret-anymore) weapon for bad hair days, so here is my newest addition making it's second appearance. This hat is great though, it's extraordinarily soft and fuzzy, and I only wish it had a little more 'flop' to it to further the beanie effect.

Anthropologie sweater and necklace, H&M hat and white tank and gloves, Target leggings and trouser socks, Steve Madden shoes.

I was tagged by the very cute and wonderful Connie to list 6 things that make me happy. I've done a list like this for a previous tag awhile ago, but instead of repeating those 6, i think it will be much more fun to think of 6 more things that make me happy. So here goes:

1. Big band/swing music. The old style stuff, like Glenn Miller. Been listening to him a lot lately and it never fails to, well, make me happy. :)

2. Conan O'brien.

3. Lychee sherbet.

I get it at an Asian supermarket...there is nothing like it.

4. This book I just got:

It is fantastic. Grrreat pictures...maybe I will post some later, just for the fun of it.

5. Wheel of Fortune.
Someday I am going on that show...someday.

6. Tons of pillows.
Sounds weird, I know. But you know when you go to a hotel and there are a million pillows just unnecessarily stacked there on the bed to tempt you (the really soft down feather kind), and you go and sink into them and it's the best feeling in the world to be completely surrounded by fluffiness. Or maybe that's just me.

Hope everyone has a great week!


this wheel's on fire said...

Conan makes me so happy too! I watch him every night :D
I'm crazy about this outfit, particularly that vest/sweater thing xoxoxo

Keith said...

Hey there. I love the hat. Very cool. I'm a big fan of Glenn Miller myself. My grandparents first got me hooked on him. Cheers!

Ashley said...

I love the Anthropologie sweater, it's a great colour.

paulistanangelina said...

Great ruffled vest. You look like you belong in Paris in the 20s.

F Blog said...

That sweater is great. And I also loveee Conan.

Andy Warhol said...

Hmm. I met Conan once.

Rebecca said...

them photos are good, i love the jumperxxxx

closeup said...

love the cardigan/vest (?)! the colour is amazing!!

Little Style Box said...

Nice industrial surrounding for a fashion shooting !

Hippie Frou Frou said...

Wine & Black is such a great combination, love the outift :))


maisie #1 and #2 said...

THAT CARDIGAN THING IS SO AMAZING where did you get it???
i am in love. i want winter RIGHT NOW so i can wear it with multicoloured tights.
/maisie #2

Camille said...

You are beautiful, I love the purple in your sweater.

Elizabeth said...

AMAZING outfit! :]

miky said...

i loooooooooove this look on you!!!
you look faboulus!!!

Edie, Brigitte and Jane said...

the book seems amazing :) is it? love the cover of it.