Sunday, February 1, 2009


image source: postsecret

image source: face hunter

image source: the fabulous la couturier

image source: the cobrasnake

image source: the cobrasnake

The always-cool Krystal

Off to "watch" the Super Bowl. Haha. I really just like the hanging out with people, eating, and seeing which commercials are good enough.

Have a great week!


brooke said...

oh I love post secret!! that face hunter girl - is it just me or does she look like nicole richie? hm.

haha, guys here are having superbowl BBQ's - yes, even down here! have fun.

Brooke xx

La Couturier said...

these photos are so inspirational :) thank you so much for naming me as the source; i really respect that!

La C.

vicki archer said...

Love those YSL shoe boots - fantastic. Thanks for mentioning my book on your sidebar - hope you like it. Love your blog and glad to have found you, xv.

ryder said...

that postsecret secret is fantastic idea!!!

zoë said...

awwee .
seems to me like we take our inspiration from a lot of the same places !! that teenvogue photoshoot is so cute, they're always the best with couple shoots . especially with valentine's day coming up, i'm sure they'll have some really adorable stuff .

plus i love post secret :]

urbnfairytale said...

i loove love the first picture. my friend and i have decided to go around and hand people some fun mixes. the last picture is also lovely.

Jack Daniel said...

great pictures! I've seen some of them on other websites. Good pick.