Friday, February 20, 2009

show me what you're workin with

I was tagged by darling Hippie Frou Frou to "Show off your blog workspace". So here it is ya'll!

-We are in desssperate need of new couches. We needed something to sit on when we moved in and so we got a good deal on these pieces of crap. They have stuck around for 2 years and it's time for us to bid adieu to them.
-On occasion I enjoy having a glass of wine when I get home from work, just to relax a bit, and today seemed appropriate cause it's FRIDAY!
-I noticed that Hippie Frou Frou and I have the same computer! (I think). Holla!
-Nothing much else here of note, just the book I have been reading (My French Life by the wonderful Vicki Archer) and an Anthropologie catalog (it's pretty apparent I have a love affair with the place).

And I tag Brooke, Connie, and Paulistana Angelena. Show us where the magic happens, girls! :)

Have an absolutely lovely weekend.


Connie Hsiu said...

oh i LOVE your space :) gosh I am in desperate need of new furniture too :/ yikes!

thank you so much for the tag, im excited to do it!

drollgirl said...

wine sounds fab about right now!!! and i'm with ya on needing a new couch!!!

closeup said...

oh wow! it looks very cosy :)
thanks for your comment

Dooder City said...

It looks so cozy and the red wall is gorgeous.

C.B. said...

Love your compuuuterrrr!!!

paulistanangelina said...

I loooove you couch, it seems so comfortable...

I'll answer the tag tomorrow, sweetie.

Keith said...

Wow! I really love the look of your place. It looks pretty cool.

Hippie Frou Frou said...

how nice & comfy!! and Yes we have the same computer//don't you love it?! having a glass of wine often time saves my life//esp after a long day of work.

Have a fabulous week!