Wednesday, February 11, 2009


image source: postsecret

image source: Kady T from Lookbook

image source: The Sartorialist (turns out this lovely girl is Louise of pandora))

image source: The Sartorialist

image source: Tess N from Lookbook

image source: Garance Dore


this wheel's on fire said...

ooo good pics!!

brooke said...

i love post secret! and i think i have been to that castle (sart pic)... hmm.

thanks for posting these, they are so gorgeous!

brooke xx

Connie Hsiu said...

Tagged YOU in something, stop by my blog!
With love, Connie

Rebecca said...

really good pictures, i love this post.. xxx

Maya said...

you have a great blog. Love all the looks you've posted.

Anonymous said...

lovely photos and I ADORE that top statement. ;)

Kay said...

I saw that on Post Secret, good one (:
Also I really like it when the polaroid effect is used appropriately like in the image of Kady T, great post.

CHIC Sensibility... said...

Great post.
Stay chic!

maisie #1 and #2 said...

love this collection of pictures, and that post secret is hilarious!
/maisie #1

vicki archer said...

great shots - love the glasses, xv.

closeup said...

love these pics and your header is gorgeous!!

La Couturier said...

i love this <3

esther you are the sweetest EVER. happy valentine's day to you, love!

La C.

Keith said...

Love the pictures. You've got a really cool blog. Happy Valentine's Day!