Sunday, March 29, 2009


image source: marykateandashleystyle

image source: the fashionist

image source: marykateandashleystyle

image source: marykateandashleystyle

I credit MK Olsen for making it cool to be swallowed up by oversized clothing. Not only are layers and layers of clothes perfect for that desirable disheveled look, they're also super cozy. Just add a venti cup of Starbucks in one hand, and possibly a tightly-clutched Blackberry in the other.

I'm pretttty obsessed with Vanessa's gas station look.

And on a completely un-fashion-related note:
I love baking. And I love cupcakes.
Sooo...I couldn't help but document the tasty cupcakes I made this weekend:
nom nom.

And now for some good ol' Chicago deep dish pizza.
I do enjoy good food.
Have a great week!


Jenna said...

You find some amazing photos.... =] Thanks for visiting!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Yes to Ashley's entire outfit and I love the look of those cupcakes. Mmmm!

Thanks. PS: I love your name reminds me of the song by Elefant (a fave!)


Behind the Seams said...

love the second look! ;)

Adela said...

the olsen twins are some of my favorite style icons! great choice!

Jojo said...

Firstly I love oversized clothing and then layering it all the coat in the second pic...

secondly I want some of those cup cakes now...I am utterly useless in the kitchen..

Trisch said...

Loving the second picture!

Trisch xo

Elizabeth said...

i love the second one!

and those cupcakes look amazing right about now! haha :)

Cherie Cherie said...

cupcakes (L)
and mary kate (L)
and actually, i love what vanessa is wearing in that picture
and i \want my hair to like like that in the morning.
cute post:)

Connie Hsiu said...

haha youre too funny!! the ivy was a great experience but nothing i'd do again. its definitely a cute place but the food is ok

Emz said...

Haha yup I go to college in Chicago. I love Vanessa's gas station look too! I love her shoes. But <3 those layers of cozy clothing, I wish I could look chic dressed like that

Sweet Nothings said...

Vanessa is le chic

Diamonds in the dark said...

i love the olsen twins style, i wish i could look that sylish in baggy oversized stuff, but most of the time i just look like a hobo!