Friday, May 29, 2009

bras and airplanes

And yet another very original title from yours truly. Ha.

I can't seem to envision an occasion (or a shirt for that matter) that would be appropriate for these bras, but I can sure appreciate them from afar.

I have the privilege of going to California tomorrow (hm, actually today) to see my sisters! I just finished the (usually) daunting task of packing, and am shamelessly happy with myself about how it turned out. Normally it goes something like this:
-Go through entire closet, pulling out favorite pieces of the moment and throwing them onto the bed. This turns out to be a lot of pieces and makes quite a hefty pile.
-Some hopeless sifting through the pile of clothes on the bed. This results in a flustered Esther and a not-much-smaller pile.
-Then I just go ahead and try to squash as much as I can into the suitcase without my husband noticing how much stuff I'm actually putting in.

Buuut, today was different:
-Actually tried on clothes and purposefully put together outfits for each day and occasion.
-Neatly folded my clothes and laid them ever-so-lovingly into the suitcase.
-Stood back and looked with glee upon the (sort of) small section my clothes took up in the large suitcase.
-Bragged to my husband about my accomplishment.

Now if I could only make myself go to bed. I have to be at the airport in approximately 5 hours. A glossy magazine and a tasty McDonald's breakfast await me there. Goodnight!

My plane ride outfit happens to be very similar to this. Gotta be comfy. And yep, still obsessing about my men's button-down shirts.


Keith said...

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Enjoy yourself. Cheers!

Abbyyyyyy said...

hahaha! this made me laugh. loved your packing story. I'm proud of you for packing like that. I'm so excited.

TheBeautyFile said...

Fun bras...don't poke yer eye out!

Style Porn said...

5 hours of sleep and then McDonalds? My god, you have an iron stomach. But seriously, isn't obsessive compulsive packing fun?! I very much look forward to it, or at least more than I look forward to curling up into a fetal position on a Southwest flight.

Girl next blog said...

They are funny but I'd never wear one of them.

And MK looks so cute in that pic!


Cherie Cherie said...

ahahhaha hilarious

drollgirl said...

um, those bras are killing me!

and hope you enjoy the trip. the weather is pretty nice out here. ;)

Sophie said...

I am a total whore for men's shirts too. I bought a few the other week and also went raiding my dad's clothes to see what shirts I could find :P