Thursday, May 21, 2009

summer musings

Very random.

All I seem to want lately is bread and cheese and jam. Particularly french baguettes, creamy cheese (not cream cheese), and something besides your average Smuckers...nice preserves, preferrably involving pieces of fruit. Best eaten in picnic form.

Reading in a park is good not only for achieving inner peace and feeling blissfully happy, but also for people-watching, tanning, drinking cold beverages, feeling the wind in your hair, and observing spontaneous sporting activites.

It's hard to beat a good polish sausage and cold beer at a summer baseball game. Even better if your team wins.

I just bought the weirdest, coolest "60-year old lady on a cruise" pants. They're obnoxiously turquoise, and at the bottom of the pants there are little people playing at the beach. I'm pretty excited to wear them. Also just bought some short pants that have scattered pictures of people golfing. Something about the summer makes me want to wear bizarre pants. I submit that it is more acceptable in the warmer months.

Fresh cut grass. Cannot get enough of the smell.

Happy summer!
Come over, I'll make you an iced latte.

All photos: Simon Songhurst photography


drollgirl said...

you are HONGRY!!! give in and get some of those tempting items, and you are making me hongry too!!!

and i hope you post a photo of you in those zany pants. do it! please?!

brooke said...

sounds a lot like a lovely summer ahead! loving the creamy cheese at the moment as well!


Keith said...

I hope you get the chance to indulge this weekend.

Kandace said...

I love people watching in the summer. And it's so hot here I just might have to take you up on that iced latte :)

stephanie alex said...

summer's finally here, kinda

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

love these pictures sweet, and i know what you mean, bread and cheese are definitely my guilty indulgence! xx

La Couturier said...

Yes! I shall come over straight away for an iced latte ;] Shopping later, perhaps? ;]

And all I've been eating is french baguettes with berry jam!

La C.

♫ Vii ♫ said...

Sounds cool and fun. I've never know how it feels cause there's no summer here.
Only sunny or rainy..

I love those pics.
very sweet. :))

sarah said...

Lovely pics...and you're making me hungry:) Enjoy the summer!

A. said...

Mmmm snacks in the park! I want to join in on the fun-- good old fashioned fun. Damn, now I want a baguette and a sundress.