Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Loved what I saw on Sally Jane Vintage , decided to make my own.

Striking my fancy these days:
A darling way to serve coffee,
The way that Morrison seems to have achieved perfection,
Adorable cottages by the sea,
Toast with jam,
Red velvet cupcakes,
The adorableness that is Nicole Richie.

I have La fabulous Couturier to thank for introducing me to that long word in the middle which I am not even going to bother trying to type out. :)


drollgirl said...

i LOVE nicole's dress!!!! fantastic! and i wish i had it!

Abby said...

mmmm....toast with too. I had some this morning. What I really want to get is some fancy homemade style jam. yummmy.

I Like Stuff said...

Mmm...even the words 'red velvet cupcakes' make me want red velvet cupcakes. And how crazy is it that Nicole Richie turned out adorable? Who'd've thunk?

DaisyChain said...

R.E. Kate Logan beauty, I have a review coming up shortly, but in short, I'm a huge fan of her products. I haven't tried the whole range, but if you contact Kate (she's lovely) directly, she'll advise you what's best for your skin type. Hope that helps xx

Carlotta said...

I've never seen that pic of nicole, she looks great!!I want a cottaffe by the sea too :))
amazing blog love it!

Marcella said...

Just read thru your blog -LOVE it! So many dreamy inspirational photos!

La Couturier said...

Haha aww thanks =]

And isn't that word beautiful? I won't even try pronouncing it, for fear that I will butcher it.

But I love your colllage. So pretty =]

La C.

NICOLE said...

Love your blog!!! I haven't the slightest clue how to pronounce that word, but I'm in lust with the definition :) xoxo, Nicole

Lainey said...

Great collage! I love Nicole Richie! She's adorable.

feather hunter said...

i love these pictures! amazing! its funny coz i love my clothes mostly black but love my rooms mostly white!

Keith said...

That is incredible. I really like it a lot. I hope you're doing well.

Nicole Marie said...

that coffe with the heart biscuit is adorable!