Thursday, September 10, 2009

To me, the most romantic things are not necessarily roses and sunsets and chocolate. (Not that I don't like those things, baby, if you're reading this.) Those things fall into a different category, a category that will still always make me happy, but an obvious category nonetheless.

I love the subtle... the things that hold their own quiet magic and charm and untold secrets...
But instead of trying to put this into words I'm taking the easy route and putting it into pictures.


Vintage couches

Abandoned buildings


Old books/bookshelves/libraries

What unexpected thing(s) do you find to be romantic?

image sources: Google images, the Selby (Nicolas and Francesca), Flickr (Portia Vanessa)


Indiana Jones said...

diners late at night, sheer curtains, seeing people who are obviously on their first dates and are way too shy to try anything.
fall leaves, the smell of pipe tobacco, the view from mulholland at night (it's a road up in the hollywood hills that overlooks most of the city, if you're not from LA)

Style Porn said...

Mmm...good question. I love the way lingerie looks in a big messy lace-y pile. I hate the fog in SF, but I have to admit it does give the city a dark, brooding quality that's kind of exciting.

June Paski said...

I love all of them!

brooke said...

love that first picture.

and this is a good question!
books, fresh sheets, black and white photographs, freshly washed clothes... the smell of roses, long necklaces, slightly rough hands (on a man), old couples, old things in general...

beautiful post!


Lainey said...

I've always wanted to get married in an abandoned rustic place. I'm in love with all of the pictures you've put up. It brought out the sentimental side of me.

I love the smell of old books, feeling hefty jewelry, the colors of fall weather, looking up at the hollywood sign, climbing up a hill, polaroids, and smell of my husband-morning noon and night.

A. said...

Thunderstorms, polaroid photography-- they're so unapologetically instant that you can't hide anything. Also, vintage teacups, fireplaces, old couples on park benches. There's a little romance in everything.

Keith said...

Great photos. They are all so beautiful. Hope you've been having a nice weekend.