Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It also comes in black.
To say that I'd be happy owning either one would be the understatement of the month.

By the amazing Madeleine Thompson.


Style Porn said...

This dress is nothing short of spectacular. Who in God's name is Madeleine Thompson, and where has she been all my life?!

Anthem said...

I love it! I'm so obsessed with long dresses at the moment.


kpeach said...

really amazing-I would love it with a gorgeous coat in the winter and boots-long is so not going anywhere!

Roz said...

Love the amazing optical print! So clever. Wow, what a gem of a dress to find..
I think anyone who sees this will add it to a mental wishlist (or is that just me? tehe)
Loved the post below too.


A. said...

Agreed- this dress is kind of awesome. I want to live in it.

Thanks for the "chic" comment-- it made my day! :) And to answer your question, I'm a corporate merchandiser for a large retail chain, which means at the beginning of every season, we create prototype floor sets in our test store, and we do this from 9pm to 6am so as to not get in the way of sales. It's normally super fun, but the middle-o-the-night schedule gets tiring. I'm quite the old lady!


Keith said...

It does look awesome. I hope you've been having a good week. Cheers!