Saturday, September 19, 2009

something different

I find this so refreshing.
I've stared at it for a good 2 minutes so far.
I really wish I were wearing this right this very minute.
I would be so cool.

via littlestylebox

And now for a shameless plug:
I've just opened up my very own etsy store! I make pretty greeting cards by hand.
Check me out if you like. And have a great weekend.


Indiana Jones said...

the picture is just all around great.
i think her outfit would be perfect if she were wearing tighter pants, though, or a mini.
i love it!

Jowy said...

wowww, just checked out ya store..LOVELY cards..u are truly talented!

One Love,

Keith said...

Hey there. Great post. Good luck with the new store. I hope you've been having a wonderful weekend. Take care. Cheers!

TheBeautyFile said...

I love this look! Such a cute kitty top! Also, love her easy peasy hair, so effortless!

kpeach New York, NY said...

agreed, it looks really fresh-love it.

Abby said...

If only there weren't a big 'ol kitty on her shirt, I would like it!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could pull off wide leg trousers as well as her! Love her look. And your cards are so pretty and unique. Love the Merci card in particular!

xo, Becs

Jenn said...

hey esther! just checked out your etsy store! your cards are so cute! i like the variety and uniqueness love them! good luck! :)

A. said...

I love your etsy store! Currently, I don't have any special occasions that require cards, but I'll come knocking when I do :)

Also, wide leg trousers= awesome.