Tuesday, November 17, 2009

today i love:


In the home:

On the body:

A combination of the two:

Annnd...the best kind of layering possible:

Images, from top to bottom:
Debi Treloar Photography, JL Designs, Stylesightings, Stockholm Streetstyle, Stylesightings, unknown


Lainey said...

ditto. Love layering in every respect. But especially that last picture!

Gabby said...

Great pictures...I want to be in that 3rd picture, I think.

and thanks for your kind words on my blog, lady! xo

RaspberryKitsch said...

aww those pics are gorgeous :)



Indiana Jones said...

that icecream just made me hungry all over again.
as did the house and the clothes haha.

kpeach said...

gorgeous post-I love all of these images xo

Faridah said...

Awesome post! The layering especially :D

A. said...

AGREED!!! Esp. the ice cream!



Micaela said...

i love open frames! and

those glasses.