Tuesday, November 3, 2009

nighttiming baby

I have this problem.
I stay up late for no reason. I put off going to bed so that I can...what?
Diddle around on the internet for pretty pictures and new clothes?
And here's a pretty picture to prove it:

Byrdie Bell via altamira

Thing is, I'm actually really tired. My eyes hurt.
I just have problems actually going to bed, but once I'm there, I have no problem staying. I love sleeping in the morning.
I'm just a little nocturnal. Like a cat.

So there's the only picture of my Halloween costume.
(Obviously I'm doing something very catlike in this picture, and not a wimpy air-punch.)
It was a fun weekend.
My favorite costume that I saw was John Cusack from the movie Say Anything. It was perfect, down to every last detail. The guy actually had attached an extra set of arms to himself to hold up the stereo...SO hilarious. They looked real. Ahh...I wish you could've seen it.

Any favorite costumes from the weekend? What were you?

Good morning. See you in the night.

P.S. Snuggie commercials crack me up. Did you know that you can wear your Snuggie to:
-go to the movies?
-do the wave with a load of other Snuggie-clad patrons at a football game?
-do the 'cabbage patch' dance while watching TV?
-'raise the roof' around the campfire with your family?


liana said...

ahhaha snuggies.
personally, i love the magic bullet ad, and pro active ads.
funny shit.
oh, aren't you a cute lil kitty cat.

Indiana Jones said...

hahah i agree about the snuggies.
i was going to buy my friend one the other day just because then she'd actually have to wear it.

and i do the same light at night with the staying up online

kpeach said...

I'm like that too and it would be so much easier if I didn't have to get up for work-pretty pic xo

Abby said...

ahhh, you're a cute kitty! But I thought you didn't like cats? Wouldn't you have rather been a dog? But then that wouldn't have been as cute (or sexy). hahaha! Anyhow, i've often wondered why i don't like going to bed too. I think I just hate the process of getting ready for bed. Also, working night shift probably doesn't help. I concur that snuggie commercials are amusing.

brooke said...

your outfit was awesome! we dont really celebrate halloween down here, haha so I did nothing. fun stuff.


Keith said...

Your Halloween costume looks great. I stay up late myself. I'll browse around the internet looking for pictures and videos for my blogs. That sorta thing. It's like I'm always putting off bed.

Keylynne said...

I love that movie! it was so cute! gots to love John Cusack he is SO great:)