Friday, October 30, 2009

my weirdest crushes (if you want to call them that)

I'm not talking about standard expected crushes like the Rob Pattinsons and the Chace Crawfords of this world, although those are all well and good. Believe me, they're fiine.

These are "crushes" of a different genre.
These are dudes who I admire, men who make me strangely happy, guys who I want to chill with.
And I just straight up like 'em. Cause they're awesome.
Okay, so here we go:

1. Conan O'Brien
(the obvious. If you know me, you're probably already aware of this.)
Things to like:
-the (in)famous pompadour
-the freakish height
-the geek impression

2. Tiger Woods*
(the greatest, literally)
Things to like:
-the infectious smile
-the red shirt-on-Sundays thing
-the super large biceps

*NOTE: This post was made before all the scandal. I don't know what I think about him at this point.

3. Louis Van Amstel
(the sweetheart)
Things to like:
-um. he can dance.

4. Peyton Manning
(the coolest)
Things to like:
-the funny commercials
-the charity work

5. Joe Crede
(the one that got away...from the White Sox, I mean)
Things to like:
-the tucking-the-pants into-the-socks fashion statement
(there. see, now this post does have something to do with fashion)
-the insane 3rd baseman skills

6. Joel McHale
(the newest addition to this list)
Things to like:
-the skinny ties
-the sarcasm

So who's on your list?

...or am I the only one who makes these strange types of lists?


brooke said...

haha no i haven't happened to make one of these lists before! although the other day I found a strange list in my pocket, I don't remember writing it, but it seemed to be of my favourite actors: tom hanks, dustin hoffman, morgan freeman, will smith, denzel washington. a strange assortment of amazing entertainers I think! but crushes, I think not.


Indiana Jones said...

Tyler Florence (food tv), Rupert Grint (i have a thing for red heads), JD, Turk, and Dr Cox (from scrubs, especially JD.)
and pretty much any other nerd on tv.

and i HAVE to include Barney from "how i met your mother". I mean come on. How could someone NOT love Neil Patrick Harris?

Suzy said...

james urbaniak. god, i love that guy.

Abby said...

ummm, Louis van Amstel? Really? Yeah, he can dance, but what about all the other dancers on that show who I think are much better than him. Plus he's so skinny he looks kinda anorexic (have you seen his cheekbones). But, you can like him if you must, but he's kinda my least favorite of the dancers. Just thought you'd like to know.
But on a positive note, I totally agree with Joel McHale. I think I would put Adrien Brody (awesome actor, great fluidity of movement) on my list as well as the Pillsbury doughboy (sooo squishy and giggly)

girl by the whirlpool said...

I totally have lists like these. I have a list of older men I would marry. Can't remember the whole thing but it consists of candidates like Hugh Laurie, Bryan Ferry and Mick Jagger.

Esther said...

you must have forgotten-i like skinny men. hahaa.
and i have also forgotten something-adrien brody! he's definitely on my list too, i don't know how i could have forgotten him.

Jenn said...

ive been trying to think about this for days! :)

i agree with adrien brody! love that guy!

ummmm i would have to go with one of the guys on 'mad men', don't know his name but, he plays the main character

also, pierce brosnan (not just cuz of 007)

i like the nerdy, unnoticed, smart, dry humor kinda guys.

whenever i see anderson cooper on tv i wander what his house looks like! :) (dont ask me why! i have no idea! :))

Priscilla said...

Oh my goodness - I was watching the soup the other day and i thought that Joel McHale reminded me of joseph for some reason!

Maybe that is in your subconscious somewhere and that is why you have a "crush" on him... :)

i do to by the a strictly platonic sort of way.

don't tell micah!