Thursday, October 8, 2009

Let the record show that I'm a big fan of Stella McCartney.
But hmm I was not so impressed with her Spring RTW for 2010.

What I do is go through the slideshows of the different runway collections and save all the looks that make me do the 'serious face' that only happens in the presence of great fashion. (Does that happen to anyone else? You'll be going through a catalog or magazine all happy-go-lucky with a pleasant smile on your face, but then you come across a boot or a dress or a purse that is no joke, and it's too too good for a smile. It's a somber moment.)


Back to Stella.
As I clicked through the slideshow of her current Spring collection, I found myself only saving two looks. That's unusual eh?
But thennnnn....I found her Resort 2010 collection. (Serious face)
That's where the magic was! I saved like 16 looks, and I was even trying to limit myself. I think I'd wear the whole collection. Now all I need is a resort...

I'm going to try not to post all 16 of my favorites, but here we go:

The big pants.
More about this later (probably).

Mostly I love this just because it looks like it would feel amaaazing to wear.
Like you were wearing a cloud, a big silky blue cloud with a belt.

Yes to coral + magenta.

There. Seven. I think I did pretty good. But if you like what you see here...I'm telling you...
Check it ouuuut.


Indiana Jones said...


stella mccartney needs to be immortalized as a god for doing something like this

Style Porn said...

I know what you mean! The resort collections were just SO good this year, and the Spring collections just weren't as exciting or creative in my opinion (at least not at NYFW)

Jenn said...

i love all seven! :)

kpeach said...

agreed-these are so much better than Spring-I think she's trying to mix it up but the lady can cut a boyfriend jacket and she shouldn't stop! xx

VintageGoa said...

stella is my guru;)

brooke said...

hahaha. I love your description of the "serious face" - so cool, I know exactly what you mean. This resort collection was great, I'd kill to wear that blue jumpsuit thing - amazing :)


Keith said...

Hey there. Great post. Hope you've enjoyed the weekend. Cheers!