Tuesday, October 6, 2009

cutest thing i've seen today

Are those mini Converses?!

Backstage at Sass & Bide
via stylesightings.com


Diamonds in the dark said...

damn, if only i dressed that well when i was a teeny tot! xx

kpeach said...

ah so cute! I love her hair. xx

Jenn said...

i have seen super cute mini pink converse!!!!!!!!!! if only i had a girl!:)

Indiana Jones said...

ohmygosh what i'd do to be that classy when i was little.

brooke said...

that is so damn cute! when I have kids they're definitely wearing mini converse - my boyfriend is already anticipating the kind of wage he'll have to have just so I can dress my kids how I like, haha.


Isquisofrenia Style said...

hahha how cute!!
thank you for your comment
your blog is awesome