Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall-ing in love

8 things I love about Fall:
(in no particular order)

1. An excuse to eat massive, unhealthy amounts of candy corn. (Who am I kidding, I don't need an excuse. I'd do it anyway.)

2. Pumpkins...pumpkin candles...pumpkin cheesecake...pumpkin patches. And now the word pumpkin looks funny to me. Pump. kin. Punkin.

3. Blustery days.

4. Apples... and piping hot apple cider. And basically any piping hot beverage. And cider donuts.

5. Bonfires with buddies.

6. Abnormally large, cozy sweaters.

7. Stomping through crunchy leaves.

8. And the beautiful foliage, duh.

What are your favorite fall fixations?

first image: Gemma Booth photography
second image: stockholm street style

third image: moi, 2008


Indiana Jones said...

wow you got that spot on.

that smell really typical to east-coast falls, where it's sort of like a bonfire but a really cold smell.

layering, scarves, boots, legwarmers (maybe?)

trying to smile when your face is slightly too cold.

being able to see my breath.

Jenn said...

love that pic of you! :)

i LOVE fall also! i haven't ever had cider donuts may be something i have to find and try! :)

i would agree with your! :)

kpeach said...

I love that stockholm street style look and all of your fall insights xx

girl by the whirlpool said...

I love the feeling of a warm cup of coffee in my hand and that 'not-too-warm not-too-cold' breeze that brings out the campfire-y smell of fall when I'm walking around on campus :) Also, love the tights and shorts look, I think it's so sophisticated, and you paired the outfit with adorable shoes! I was actually planning on wearing shorts with tights tomorrow myself!

goodeda1122 said...