Wednesday, December 9, 2009

then and now

Bazaar June 1954:
(shot by Tom Palumbo)

When I saw this I instantly thought Chloé.
It emanates the same class and relaxed feminine feel.
Same type of silhouette and all that.

Couldn't you just see this look slipped right in there with a Chloé collection of today, like in between these two looks from the 2010 Resort collection:

Ah, I love recycling fashion.


brooke said...

wow, good observation! that shot is gorgeous, could be out of any magazine in 2009!


MrJeffery said...

what a beautiful photo. thanks for sharing!

Keith said...

I love these. So amazing. I hope you're having a great day. Cheers!

Melissa said...

What a lovely shot!

Indiana Jones said...

the only way to describe this has to be "lovely"

Jenn said...

i am loving it! :)

i was just thinking the other day that. you know when you are getting old, when you start to see fashion when you were younger, start to make full swing and come back around and be cool when your kids are young! :)

i think im getting old! :)

Anonymous said...