Friday, August 14, 2009

by the sea

This cottage is the stuff (my) dreams are made of.
It has everything going for it.

Old, weathered white wood and furniture.

Cozy eccentricity.

Flowers and books and peace.

Wellies and ladders and lanterns!
(Oh my)

Old world feel.

Unfortunately, these pictures have been sitting in my inspiration folder for so long that I don't know where they came from. And I have no picture of the outside.

But I like to think that this place is by the sea.
It pretty much has to be.


Stella said...

so pretty. i love white with accent pieces it makes such a nice backdrop for anything. i really hope you get a dream house like this some day!

brooke said...

I imagine it would be a seaside house as well - as you say, it has to be!!

love the picture of the bed especially, it's so pretty. all white is absolutely gorgeous.

Keith said...

Great photos. I'd love to spend the summer there. Hope you've had a good weekend. Cheers!

kpeach said...

like a breath of fresh air on an otherwise bad Monday!

labeautifulvie said...

Omg, what gorgeous pictures!

Lovely blog btw!


wonderfull pics!!

. J a m i . x o x said...

I want to live here please. <3 <3
Beautiful Blog