Saturday, August 29, 2009

on my mind...

  • How much fun it is to wear frilly bloomers around the house.

  • These killer boots by Isabel Marant.

image via

  • Dunkin Donuts iced (vanilla) lattes. New favorite.

  • How I really want to watch Garden State again...

...and how cool Natalie Portman is.

  • How much I love raw almonds as a tasty snack.

  • Rachel Zoe. So excited she's back on. I'm unabashedly on the bandwagon.

  • Dashboard Confessional and Cage the Elephant
(e.g. "Stolen" and "Ain't no Rest for the Wicked")

  • And of course...FALL.
Hello scarves, boots, and tights.
Hooray for crisp air, blustery days warmed by hot coffee, pumpkins, crunchy leaves...

Isabel Marant - Fall09


La Couturier said...

I'm in lust with those Isabel Marant boots!!

La C.

Indiana Jones said...

you've completely read my mind!
lattes, fall clothes, the boots.
i have to wait another month or two before it starts feeling like fall, though = /

TheBeautyFile said...

What a fun post! I love Nat Portman & I am so excited for the Fall! Sienna and Rachel are in my faves as well! Do you remember the scene in Garden State where Natalie tells Zach how her family discovered and adopted Katembo? That scene makes me laugh so hard I cry.

Keith said...

I love Rachel Zoe.

Style Porn said...

I totally missed the first episode of the Rachel Zoe Project! Sooo excited to see it. I've been waiting so long!!

labeautifulvie said...

Definitely killer boots. Love it!

A. said...

Fall is the best time for style, I totally agree, so much room for sartorial inventiveness.

Also, I want those boots :) aaaaamazing. Or as R.Zoe would say, I DIE.


The Socialite said...

woah those are killer boots!

Dashboard...oh memories! :)