Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sienna Miller is back.
She got everything right at this screening of G.I. Joe a couple weeks ago.
I mean everything.

We'll start with the gorgeous smile.

Followed by some exquisite H. Stern jewelry.
Oh, and flawless makeup. Love the red lips.

A stunning YSL dress.
I'm so in love with this thing...

The back is cool too.

Yeah, more of that jewelry.

Perfect vintage curls.

Did I mention the dress?

I'm just gonna go ahead and throw this out there:
This could be her best look ever.


brooke said...

wow... thanks so much for posting this!! her smile is incredible and that dress is simply amazing. I'm usually not one for nude/beige dresses but she makes this look so stunning!!


Indiana Jones said...

i tend to prefer her boho/rocker chic days, but she looks FLAWLESS in that dress.

brooke said...

no, i didnt mean it, but the alliteration in that sentence was insane!
there are a lot of S's around summer time - sausages, snakes, spiders, sunburn... boo!!


Jess said...

totally working the nude trend. i love how it makes her red lips pop :)

A. said...

I LOVE this look, on her especially, but I feel like everyone should wander the world looking this amazing, always.

By the way, I'm back to blogging at I missed my online friends :) and all the awesome style input.

Hope to see you around!


Lainey said...

Gosh, she is just stunning! Absolutely stunning! And she looks like the quintessential movie star in this dress!

Keith said...

She's so beautiful and stylish. I love her.