Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a few favorites

love. golden. wispy. boots. bloomers. flowers in hair. happy. free.

french. wind. silky. basket. calm.

crisp. waves. mysterious. eyeliner. stunning.

Images, from top to bottom: Vogue November 2008, Flickr-bordons, unknown

Congratulations to the sweetheart over at this blog.
She was the winner of the Chickdowntown giveaway! Enjoy your t-shirt, love!


Roz said...

Wow! what lovely photos there are here.. I especially like the first one. So pretty! And the second one is great too.


brooke said...

that first photo is so gorgeous, saved it straight away. amazing!!
xx brooke

Yuka said...

awwww that first photo is ADORABLE!!

Anonymous said...

i love her hair on the 1st pic :)

thanks for the comment btw!


kpeach said...

that first image is utterly charming

Natasha said...

The first photo is beautiful