Saturday, April 24, 2010

my 10 essentials

(you know, as far as material possessions/getting dressed in the morning goes)

1. An airy, light, easy dress - One of those ones that hits you right about mid-thigh and floats around you just right without really hugging anything at all. Admittedly, my husband doesn’t like things that “don’t hug anything at all”, but I can’t lie and say I don’t love the feeling of just throwing the thing on for the day with a pair of flats and I’m out the door. The best thing about such dresses is that they are easily belted and worn with leggings or tights for a completely different look. So versatile, so effortless.

2. A men’s button-down - Sexy and perfect. Great with jeans. Unbuttoned just the right amount. Preferably with minimal accessories.

photo by vanessa jackman

3. Black patent flats.

4. Music - I crave it, need it for therapy, need it to dance to, need it to be happy, need it to relax, need it to daydream, need it to run.
I'm pretty dern excited about this mix CD swap I'm gonna participate in. I may just do one of my own on here someday.

5. Red lipstick - Such a powerful accessory. I know you’ve heard it a thousand times before, but it’s true that it instantly glams your outfit and makes you feel at least 85% sexier. And that’s a fact.

photos by Vanessa Jackman
(So many of my ideals going on in her look)

6. Big earrings - I am so often lazy and revert to giant, obtrusive earrings as my accessory for the day, just so I don’t have to think about coordinating anything else. They’re so easy.

7. Perfume - I hope I don’t sound dumb if I say I feel naked without it. Cause I feel naked without it.

8. Coffee - Every day, or headache ensues.

9. Leggings - They’re not going away yet, at least not in my wardrobe.

10. Beach Spray - Anything that smells like coconut and is purposed to give ‘sexy waves’ or texture, is a go-to for me. I use it pretty much every day, no matter how I do my hair, because even if my hair is up, I think it makes everything better later. And it smells like the beach, so how can you go wrong? I’ve tried multiple brands in search of the perfect one (ever since John Frieda stopped making that luscious beach waves spray or whatever it was called), and so far my favorite is Sedu Beach Spray. But I’ll gladly take recommendations.

photo via The Sartorialist
If this jacket were in my closet it would be on this list. Such an essential.

Runners up: Carmex, Orbit Sweet Mint Gum, and my Richard Chai super-comfy long black cardigan.

So tell me, what are your essentials?


TheBeautyFile said...

I am with you on 1-10 all the way. I especially love beach spray when it turns warmer because I hate blow drying my hair and it's naturally curly so the salty water solution works wonders. I am ALL about flats. All kinds, colors, anything, all the time.

Sophie said...

totally agree with you on the red lipstick thing, i used to feel weird wearing it but now I use it to give me confidence! I also get headaches if I don't have coffee, which has only started occuring in the past few months. Not a good sign haha

brooke said...

such a good idea for a post! I agree with loose dresses, especially for summer. my boyfriend's the same though, I think he likes something shown off. He once commented that one top didn't "do much for your lady area", meaning my chest. subtle! but as they say, women dress for women, right?

mmm black flats - obsessed. need a patent pair actually. and perfume, I could buy so much but I've already got 3 rather expensive bottles and it feels like such a waste! need to find my "signature" though... hard.


Indiana Jones said...

Absolutely (to everything)! Especially the beach spray. I wish John Frieda hadn't stopped making that.
As to more essentials, my black cowboyboots, some sort of thin, longish cardigan, and sunglasses.
And I ALWAYS have a book with me.

Micaela said...


you've got such great style..

YES on borrowing from the boys... i just started jcrew and i love that that's a staple and fashion rule in their book. Wearing a pretty dress with converse sneakers.

1.) black high heels
2.) black tights
3.) signature necklace/ring
4.) concealer
5.) chi straightner

what kind of perfume do you like best?


Margaret said...

awesome 1-10 :D
love your blog :D
great posts
stop by some time xx

Domonique said...

I agree with pretty much all ten of your points! Love the blog!

Danielle Barbe said...

i especially agree with #5 and 8. a girl needs her red lipstick AND a good cup of coffee.