Saturday, April 3, 2010


Our first night was spent in Hong Kong, where we explored a couple of the nightlife areas. This sort of shows the activity, and this was taken probably around 3AM in a section of town where they actually block of some streets and it's one big party. All night long.

We also went to this bar where we saw maybe the most amazing cover band ever. Rock songs from Queen, ACDC, etc....all played flawlessly. They covered Bohemian Rhapsody and it actually sounded really really great and we all know that is no easy feat. Also the drummer was hilarious and kept changing outfits and had the exact same voice as the lead singer of ACDC. Add that to people from literally all over the world dancing around like maniacs in the middle of the floor and you have yourself a pretty amazing experience.

(me and my friend jet-lag)

Breakfast the next morning. I had to post this picture because it gives a glimpse at Joseph's crazy breakfast plate (foreground). It was their "special", and ended up being a plate full with toast, french fries, baked beans, eggs, mushrooms, bacon, and a whole grilled tomato. It was actually pretty good, and in the end we figured the only thing that didn’t belong were the baked beans, which remained untouched in the middle of the plate. We also discovered that french fries are good anytime of the day. You can always use a french fry.

Along Hong Kong's "Avenue of Stars", which is basically the equivalent of Hollywood's "Walk of Fame", only with famous Chinese people instead. The weather was gorgeous and windy.

Starbucks on the Avenue of Stars. Never seen an ugly coffee dome before.


I like Hong Kong. It kind of seems like a cross between Vegas and San Francisco (I would know, cause I've totally been there once for 3 hours).


Jenn said...

thanks for sharing these pics! :) looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

LOVE that starbucks is EVERYWHERE!!!!!

brooke said...

such a cool post! yep starbucks is even down here! haha ugly coffee dome. how funny! hope you had an awesome time :)


Indiana Jones said...

oh wow that looks so peaceful!
I'm glad you had a good trip = ]

Diana said...

I've always wanted to go! I love your description, between Vegas and SF!

lauren baluyo said...

These are great happy shots. I'm hoping to make a holiday trip out there someday. Thanks for sharing.:)


Mila said...

Looks great!

Steffani Alix said...

good shots!