Monday, January 5, 2009


Don't mind the silly pictures. I didn't do a "formal" shoot, and therefore decided to grab some pictures from hanging out at a friend's house.

Wearing an sheer t-shirt from Express, secondhand sailboat skirt, H&M legwarmers, UO tights, secondhand earrings.

As I mentioned in the last post, there are some fantastic deals to be had out there. Take for example Asos: Up to 75% off...
Just ordered these babies for like half off, and I await their arrival with the usual impatience.


closeup said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. You've really nice posts! I like the H&M legwarmers.

brooke said...

thankyou so very much for being my first ever commenter :D haha i just sent a very excited email to my boyfriend about that.

and im very much glad you did, because i am really liking your style!

the layering of the tights here looks awesome :)

Thanks again - i'm definitely following you now!

Anonymous said...

the h&M legwarmers look nice

meg said...

ah, absolutely in love with these pics of you!! very sweet ensemble. and I love your smile, it warms the heart as so many bloggers tend to have the perpetual are lovely and a joy to read. thanks!! xo

Abby said...

the boots and ankle warmers and tights go really well together and probably make wearing that skirt be a bit warmer. No wonder you were happy.