Friday, January 2, 2009

ode to clara

Clara Bow: Silent film star in the 1920's, and the original "it" girl. Thank you for the inspiration.

Happy New Year everyone!
Hope your holidays were filled with fun. I had a blast with friends and family, and have been hitting up some great after-Christmas sales. There's some ridiculously low prices out there right now. Go get 'em!

Got an espresso machine for Christmas (from my baby), and have since been drinking cappuccinos about once an hour.
....That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but mmmhmm they are so delicious. I'm going to go make one now.


Steph said...

Beautiful pics you have of Clara. Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your comment! are you a pianist?

esther said...

i wouldn't call myself a pianist. i only dabble. and i'm not just trying to be modest or something. i am reaallllly not very good, i just play for my own enjoyment.
are you?

Jack Daniel said...

Lovely pics.

What a lady!